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Think different, build better: Paving the way to better project execution.

Project delivery models are as varied as the contractors that execute them. While we can certainly do them all, our capabilities are elevated within alternative delivery models.

Alternative delivery is more than just project execution; it’s a mindset that has a fundamentally different approach. It requires practicality, collaboration, transparency, and an agreement to put the good of the project ahead of everything else. And that’s just who we are and how we work.

It’s through alternative delivery models, such as CM/GC and PDB, that we can continuously exceed our customer’s expectations, getting projects to final acceptance faster and without claims. And, there’s a reason why we have more experience successfully executing projects with these models than most other heavy civil infrastructure contractors. It’s because we’re really good at it. It’s simply the Stacy Witbeck way.


Early Cost Certainty

Early negotiations on construction costs result in a refined scope of work and a shared understanding of expectations, leading to fewer change orders.

Improved Issue Resolution

Strong working relationships established early facilitate a project-first approach that prioritizes solving problems.

Risk Mitigation

With transparency and communication, the project owner can explore risk mitigation options with feedback provided by the contractor.

Efficient Use of Project Funds

The open book estimate allows for realistic cost representations during preconstruction, leading to efficient use of funds and a GMP that minimizes changes during construction.

On-Time Delivery Without Claims

This model accelerates completion schedules by 10-20% and typically comes without claims due to the collaborative development of the project’s scope, budget, and schedule.