SWH is the trusted end-to-end construction partner for high-speed rail projects in the U.S.

Stacy Witbeck | Herzog is the trusted end-to-end contractor with the most Experience in collaborative contracting in the transit industry.

We leverage a highly experienced U.S. based workforce with high speed rail expertise. Our expert knowledge spans the lifecycle of high-speed rail systems, with capabilities in utilities, civil/earthwork, structures, track, OCS, traction power, signaling, and communications.

A Local Team You Can Trust

With key offices and resources established across the nation, and a workforce that plays, works, learns, and lives here in the United States, our team takes pride in bringing high-speed rail to our country.

Strong Global Partnerships

We tap into a network of international high-speed rail experts to supplement our robust transit construction capabilities. We carefully choose partners who match our culture of integrity, collaboration, and commitment to excellence, ensuring a seamless and productive working relationship.

Supporting American Economy

As a U.S.-based company, we appreciate the substantial federal and local investment being made by Americans to bring high-speed rail to the United States. Across our craft, management team, and corporate profits, we are reinvesting in the American economy.

$4.8+ billion delivered with zero claims

Largest rail contractor with largest ballast fleet in the United States

Why we do it

At SWH, we are driven by a commitment to revolutionize transportation.

By embracing innovation, we aim to lead the transit industry in connecting our nation through high-speed rail. Our specialized expertise and forward-thinking approach position us at the forefront of this emerging market in the U.S.

Our goal is to provide a better way to travel between cities that are too far to drive to but too close to fly. It's a unique opportunity to alleviate congested travel, promote economic growth, and address critical environmental concerns, while ultimately transforming urban landscapes and positively impacting the lives of individuals.

How do we do it?

Leveraging our technical expertise, industry relationships, and commitment to being the best partner.

Established Connections

We hold long-term relationships with U.S. material suppliers compliant with Buy America standards, as well as a specialized railroad fleet and logistics partnerships for transporting materials effectively to the project.

Honest and Upfront Communication

Our culture is rooted in proactive management and a "no claims" approach. Open and transparent communication ensures we create an environment of trust where clients are informed and engaged throughout the project lifecycle.

Leaders in Alternative Delivery

These collaborative contracting methods provide early cost certainty and on-time delivery.

Established, collaborative relationships with the FRA and U.S. based material suppliers.

Most experience with collaborative contracting on transit projects in the rail industry.

We're Already Up to Speed

Having built thousands of miles of passenger track from coast to coast, SWH is familiar with the costs and schedule risks to transit projects. We have access to the necessary equipment, crews, bonding capacity, and any other resources required to support aggressive construction schedules while maintaining safety and quality.

Brightline West

We are supporting BLW with pre-construction planning efforts on America's first high-speed rail system. Our services have focused on design development and planning for the 270+ miles of AREMA Class 9 Tier III track and systems which will allow speeds up to 200 mph. To date, our pre-construction efforts have supported Brightline's ability to secure billions of dollars in federal and private funding.

Confirmed viability of AREMA 136RE rail for Class 9 tier 3 speeds.

Value engineered millions of dollars in savings during preconstruction.

Brightline Zones 3 & 4

We completed Zones 3 and 4 of the Brightline project in Florida, a higher-speed rail system from West Palm Beach to the Orlando International Airport. The project involved constructing 170+ miles of track and systems enabling train speeds up to 125 MPH.

1M+ tons of ballast and 460,000+ concrete ties.