Stacy Witbeck California CSLB #414305,2800 Harbor Bay Parkway
Alameda, CA 94502

Achieving diversity is a core part of our culture, recognized in our efforts at the project level and in every community in which we work.

We strongly support and value diversity as it enriches our workforce. We firmly believe that diversity in all its forms drives innovation and enhances creative problem-solving. Yet, we are always seeking to improve workforce diversity further.

We prioritize creating equitable opportunities for individuals from diverse backgrounds in both our corporate and project-specific development efforts. This includes equity efforts in recruiting and hiring across all levels, from management staff to the construction workforce. In addition, opportunities to promote diverse individuals from entry-level positions into technical, management, and oversight roles are continuously sought. 

We have taken concrete steps to support and strengthen our commitment to diversity and inclusion. These include establishing an executive-level role dedicated explicitly to overseeing internal and external diversity initiatives, supplier diversity programs, and social responsibility efforts. A permanent recruiting position primarily focused on outreach to communities at high risk, as well as women and people of color, has also been created. We are proactively working towards creating a more diverse and inclusive organization by implementing these measures.

Key Diversity Initiative Achievements

  • Strong Women’s Employee Resource Group, with a consistent virtual and in-person meeting schedule
  • Continuing education for executive leadership
  • Regular training on implicit bias, psychological safety, and diversity topics at all levels of staff and craft employees
  • Established partnership with INROADS, a non-profit that creates career paths for diverse, high school and college students to introduce students to the construction industry
  • Active recruiting at HBCUs and educational institutions that are often overlooked by the industry
  • Local partnerships with community-based organizations focused on diversity in the trades

“Stacy Witbeck is proud of our efforts to identify opportunities for change and be a leader in fostering a culture, industry-wide, that ensures everyone is accepted throughout their careers, presented with equitable opportunities, and able to create meaningful careers in construction.”

Armando Tiscareño, Executive Vice President, East