Stacy Witbeck California CSLB #414305,2800 Harbor Bay Parkway
Alameda, CA 94502

We never sacrifice safety—it’s the cornerstone of everything we do.

Through proper planning, all work can be performed safely. We're responsible for keeping our clients, employees, subcontractors, the public, and stakeholders safe. We focus on safety early in the design and preconstruction phases, incorporating safety into design, constructability reviews, and construction planning for all activities.

During construction, we provide equipment, tools, training, work plans, and working conditions that keep people safe, all backed by a core belief that human behavior is the key to safe work. We empower individuals to speak up when there are concerns, always make safe choices, and promote a secure work site and a strong safety culture.

Safety Awards

14 National Railroad Construction and Maintenance Association Safety Awards

2 AGC of America Safety Excellence Recognitions

United Contractors R.E.A.L. Safety Award

5 AGC of Utah Achievement of Safety Excellence Awards

“We believe that a strong safety culture is non-negotiable. Providing a safe work environment for our team and the communities in which we work is our most important and essential task. We are committed to giving teams the proper training, tools, and plan to work safely each and every day. Every employee is empowered and encouraged to take ownership, speak up, and help us ensure safety is the utmost priority in everything they do.”

George Furnanz CEO, Stacy Witbeck

CREW360 Initiative

At Stacy Witbeck, the CREW360 initiative is our corporate commitment to safety excellence. This safety initiative promotes the inclusion of craft employees in our safety program, continuously evaluates existing processes and programs for improvement, and trains all employees to keep our safety culture strong. The initiative is led by the Safety Steering Team, an employee-led governance group created to oversee and help our company culture improve in safety. We employ the CREW360 initiative as a part of each project’s overall safety program.

A vital feature of the CREW360 initiative is our focus on proactive, leading indicators rather than lagging indicators. Lagging indicators are delayed, reactive measures often resulting from incidents that have already occurred. In contrast, leading indicators are cultural and attitude-based measures that help us identify potential safety hazards before they occur.

"Stacy Witbeck's approach to safety exceeds industry standards, and they strive to make the project, no matter how big or small, a successful project that they and we can be proud to put our name on.”

General Manager, Subcontractor

“Your team never sacrificed safety. Your team has raised the bar for future urban rail construction in the Kansas City area.”

Deputy Director of Public Works, City of Kansas City

"I was impressed with the commitment of Stacy Witbeck to job site safety. They were extremely concerned with not only the safety of their workers but the general traveling public as they interacted with the construction project.”

Construction Manager, West Valley City

“Stacy Witbeck mentored our company daily to help us attain a higher level of safety in our work. We were introduced to new work methods, job hazard analysis, and continual safety training.”

President, DBE Subcontractor