Stacy Witbeck California CSLB #414305,2800 Harbor Bay Parkway
Alameda, CA 94502

With over 500 projects with recurring customers, we have solidified our position as a trusted partner in the industry.

Our projects' success depends on the partnerships we establish and nurture with our clients and other key stakeholders. All these partnerships have one thing in common: they are built on the unwavering commitment to ensuring the project's success through our collective efforts.

Our clients and stakeholders have unique goals, expectations, and needs. Listening and understanding their vision informs our strategies and actions. Our open communication allows us to create a collaborative environment, allowing the project to benefit from the collective expertise and insights of all stakeholders.

We cultivate a shared sense of ownership and accountability between stakeholders to foster successful and transparent partnerships. This includes regular project updates, clear and concise communication, and prompt challenge resolution. 

We also recognize that successful partnerships extend beyond a single project. Therefore, we build long-lasting relationships with our clients and stakeholders. By consistently delivering exceptional results and demonstrating our dedication to our partnerships, we are our clients' partner of choice.

Partnership Awards

AGC of America

International Partnering Institute

Arizona Department of Transportation

Caltrans Partnering Success in Motion

“Our success is due to a commitment to partnership and project-first approaches throughout our entire organization. To us, partnership is founded on trust, respect, and shared goals. Stacy Witbeck is proud of the results and impact our collaborative approaches have had on developing long-lasting relationships with clients, partners, and the communities in which we work.”

Clayton Gilliland, President, Stacy Witbeck

"You have shown time over time that it isn’t just about the current project or job, it’s about the long-term partnership."

Vice President of Operations, Utah Transit Authority

"Stacy Witbeck understands what it means to be a full partner in a project, starting with pre-construction and carrying to substantial completion. Their delivery of these services has always been characterized by open communication, focused hard work, and a commitment to the team."

Managing Director, Portland Streetcar

“Working on the Mid-Coast program with you and the entire team was the highlight of my career. You made me a believer in the CMGC process, especially the way you guys do it!”

Senior Transportation Engineer, SANDAG

“Stacy Witbeck is easy to work with and motivated by problem solving and collaboration.”

Project Manager, Valley Metro